Pimlico Chess Club


About the club



We have over 30 members. They vary in playing ability from novices to strong club players. Some play 20 or more games a season for the club, others just a handful. We try to provide enough playing opportunities to suit everyone.



Our annual subscription is on a sliding scale depending on how many games people play. We work this out at the start of the season by looking at the number of games played in the previous season.

•   £10 = 0–2 games in the previous season, or a new member.

•   £20 = 3–9 games in the previous season.

•   £40 = 10+ games in the previous season.

We make an adjustment at the end of the current season if the number of games played takes the player into a different category.



Our main activity is league chess on weekday evenings. We play in the London League, the Central London League, the Civil Service League and the London Commercial League. We also have a club championship, and we host our own tournament (open to anyone) at the end of the season.


We currently have a number of informal events: a chess variants evening in September, a Christmas party in December, and a meal out in July.


All of our home events take place on Thursday evenings.


Charitable status

We are the first, and as far as we know the only, chess club in England and Wales to achieve charitable status. Among other things this means that gifts to the club, including member subscriptions, attract tax relief at the basic rate. As a charity, we are governed by a board of trustees, all of whom are active members of the club.


More information…

For more information about the club, please contact James Toon.